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This 6 DVD bundle includes:

Escaping the Time Trap
Are you working longer and harder yet still never find the time to do all the things you need to do – let alone the things you want to do? You’re not alone. A lack of time is one of the loudest complaints business professionals have today. You’re in a time trap you’ve created for yourself, and it’s one that you can break out of.

Throughout the program, typical workplace time trap scenarios are reenacted to illustrate the kinds of time-wasters you’ll need to overcome, including:
  • Failure to Delegate
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Procrastination
  • Interruptions
Dealing with Difficult Employees
Do you know how to handle your problem people? Every workplace has its own collection of difficult people, and your job as a manager, supervisor or team leader is to handle them! It’s not an easy assignment – there aren’t any clear cut rules or guidelines. Only someone who has done it successfully can help us understand how to handle difficult employees.

Do you know any of these people? Do you have to work with them, supervise them – or maybe even baby-sit them at work?
  • Amy Attitude
  • Blameless Bob
  • Clock-watcher Carl
  • Helpless Harriet
  • Sandra the Stressed
  • Walter the Whiner
Supervisory Solutions
Do you often feel a little overwhelmed in your role as manager or supervisor? Do you feel that others have unreasonable expectations of you now that you’re "part of management"? While that’s not necessarily fair, it’s usually a fact.

This unique video program is designed to build your skills in six major facets of supervision. Through explanation and example, you’ll learn that you can easily master these skills and that they will become the biggest contributors to your personal effectiveness:
  • Use your strengths
  • Grow your people
  • Set good goals
  • Tackle problems quickly
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reward for results
Janet Kirch came up through the supervisory and management ranks the old-fashioned way, and uses that practical experience to help you shorten your learning curve. Janet’s formula works and the workplace vignettes that illustrate her points are prime examples of how you can help people solve their own problems.

Exploring Management Styles
Do you feel challenged by the demands on you as a manager? Do you feel frustrated by the strange and confusing behavior of the people you lead? If you feel challenged or frustrated by the difficulties of getting people to work together harmoniously and effectively, then you need to meet Focuser Fran, Relater Bob, Integrator Isabelle and Operator Oscar

Each of these fictional characters represents one of the four most common management styles. Based on the work of Michael Dobson in his book Exploring Personality Styles, this program illustrates both the positive and the negative aspects of each style when it interacts with the others.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned manager, these kinds of challenges and frustrations are normal! With on-point strategies, proven tools and time-tested techniques, Roben Graziadei will build your management confidence.

Communicating With Confidence
In this on-target video program, you’ll encounter people who are very much like those you work with every day—some are very good at interpersonal office communication; others aren’t at all. Along the way, you’ll learn what it takes to be an ELECTRIC communicator.
  • Energy to pay attention and notice people
  • Listening Skills
  • Enthusiasm for people’s answers and conversations
  • Confidence that people want to talk with them
  • Talking topics that draw people into the conversation
  • Reaching out abilities and a willingness to include everyone
  • Interest in observing surroundings and asking questions based on what they see
  • Connections that are meaningful
This program is full of easy-to-apply tips and tactics, illustrated by real-life scenarios, including:
  • Five reasons why people have trouble being heard
  • Six keys to effective listening
  • Eight keys to responsible assertiveness
  • Six keys to body language
Creating Customer Satisfaction
How can you build trust with your customers when you feel pressured by their demands? How do you balance your company’s customer service expectations with your customers’ needs? How can you master the art of saying "No" effectively?

Many customer service professionals ask these kinds of questions every day but don’t know where to turn for practical answers. That’s why we turned to Kathleen Leighton: To reveal some of the tools and techniques that she has used to eliminate the headaches and stress of customer confrontation in her career, including the Four Ways to Create Customer Satisfaction:
  • Set yourself apart
  • Build trust
  • Prevent arguments
  • Say "No!"
It doesn’t matter if you’re a call center rep, a service team leader, a QA supervisor or a department manager; customer service professionals face more expectations than ever before. And that results in more pressure than ever before! This fast-paced video training program will give you the tools and techniques you need to conquer your customer service challenges and feel great about yourself at the end of the day.

Each 60 Minute Video includes a Viewer’s Guide to follow the action.
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